Registration process of vehicles built in Nepal

Issue: ‘Yatri’ motorcycles made in Nepal have not received official government number plates till now, despite being in operation for years.

But this problem is not only limited to ‘Yatri’ and may be relevant to any other vehicles that may be manufactures/assembled in the future in Nepal itself. Given possibilities of overlap and similarities in registering or setting up domestic conversion plants to convert petrol/diesel engines to electric, we feel this is an important issue to be addressed.


भौतिक पूर्वाधार तथा यातायात मन्त्रालयलाई पठाइएको इमेल

यात्रीलाई हामीले पठाएको इमेल

यात्रीबाट सबै विवरण सहितको जवाफ प्राप्त भएको निजी निकाय भएकोले जवाफ यहाँ नराखिएको

Future steps: Continue conversation with stakeholders. Identify gaps and propose solution not only for Yatri but for other manufacturers and also make EV conversion friendly laws.


In communication with Yaatri bikes, government entities other stakeholders