Parliamentary calendar

Issue: Advocating for the adoption of a parliamentary calendar(PC) in the House of Representatives (HoR)

Tasks accomplished:

  • Written articles in Nepali.
  • Explainer videos in media.
  • Lobbied with interest groups.
  • Speech in a parliamentary session.
  • Templates of parliamentary calendar provided.

Next steps: Continue advocating for PC with the Parliamentary Rules Drafting Committee so it will be included in the Regulations on House of Representatives 2079.


Meeting at the Federal Parliament Secretariat to understand the efforts made for the PC previously
Published article in Setopati
Media coverage across various news platforms
Presentation to Parliamentary Rules Drafting Committee with a template of what PC can look like
Presentation to the Deputy Speaker of HoR
Explainer video in OnlineKhabar
Meeting with Secretary of National Assembly
Provision for a parliamentary calendar included in house of representatives guidelines