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If you wish to share any of your problems with us, please get in touch with us via the form below. Give us around 5-7 business days to get in touch with you.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will solve your problems. Our job is to probe, and find out the relevant organisation, ministry or department that can help resolve the issues.

For press and media inquiries, please use the form below.

Additionally, if you have any feedback, suggestions or criticisms regarding the work Sumana Shrestha Secretariat has been doing, we receive them with open hearts. Feel free to use the form below for that too.

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30 Minutes with Sumana

If you wish to speak with Member of Parliament Sumana Shrestha directly about your issues and concerns, then you can also schedule a 30-minute call with her as well. Before sitting for the call, please prepare yourself for the meeting based on the instructions. Please make sure to utilize your time with her wisely.


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