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Sumana Shrestha

Member of Federal Parliament 2022

Former Education, Science and Technology Minister
Management consultant | Enterprenuer | Activist
Co-General Secretary / Central committee member,
Rastriya Swatantra party

“History is made by people who believe in themselves”

We don’t have the luxury of inaction, of apathy, of saying “yestai nai ta ho ni” (that’s just how it is). We might not have answers to everything, but we will start a conversation to move towards a solution. Take a break if you must, but please get involved – focus on small changes. Change does start with you.
You try. If it doesn’t work, then you try something else. You keep trying until you come to a solution that actually works. History is made by people who believe in themselves and the strength of their convictions to overcome the shadows of their doubts. It’s not enough to have ideas, it is also very important to persevere. Everyone should be able to dream of a good life in Nepal. Every Nepali should have opportunities, a shot at life.

Sumana Shrestha

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Creating Tech Jobs

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Engaging Nepali Diaspora

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Political leadership succession

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Issue: ‘Yatri’ motorcycles made in Nepal have not received official government number plates till now, despite being in operation for years.

But this problem is not only limited to ‘Yatri’ and may be relevant to any…

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मुद्दा: अनाथ बालबालिकालाई आश्रय दिन स्थापित नेपाल बाल संगठनको सम्पत्ति एउटा व्यापारिक घरानाले भोगचलन गरिरहेको बाल संगठन नेतृत्वले त्यसमा सघाइरहेको खुलासा भएकोमा अनियमियतता छानबिन गरी सरकारी संस्थाको सम्पत्ति संरक्षणमा पहल गर्ने पर्ने ।…

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मुद्दा: सरकारीले नयाँ सवारी साधन खरिद गर्न अघि आफैसँग भएको साधनले काम चल्छ कि भनेर हेरोस् भनी सचेत गराउन जरुरी रहेको ।

लगत माग गरी पत्र
लगत माग
ताकेता पत्र…

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Issue: Inaccessibility of pre-enrolment forms on the Department of Passport’s website push even the digitally able citizens towards cyber cafes, 1500 max capacity for biometrics at DoP, unclear issues of service down.

Recommendations to…

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Issue: Advocating for the adoption of a parliamentary calendar(PC) in the House of Representatives (HoR)

Tasks accomplished:

  • Written articles in Nepali.
  • Explainer videos in media.
  • Lobbied with interest groups.
  • Speech in a parliamentary…

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